A hunky rolling backpack for school

Carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? How about just world history? Plus maybe biology, English, and that humongous calculus textbook, too?

Ah, the pleasures of lugging big fat schoolbooks in an ever-expanding, droopy backpack. Someone please explain to us how it has come to this: In the age of digital documents, email, IM, and PDFs, how come textbooks have become so dang massive?

Thankfully, modern bookbag technology has come to the rescue. That’s right: Instead of looking like a big nerd on campus with your overstuffed backpack mounted awkwardly on your shoulders, you can look like a big nerd on campus pulling along your very own wheeled backpack.

Jansport Hemi Wheeled School Pack

We suggest the Jansport Hemi Wheeled, an oversized bag with a name that makes it sound like a truck. Plus it comes in six different high-school-friendly color combinations, including “Jah Green Slamo,” “Snaredrum Grey,” and “Ivory Mist Small Argyle.” (Guys, we don’t think that last one is meant for you.)

The Hemi features a front pocket with organizer, a second pocket with a zipper, a pocket for a water bottle on the side, plus a laptop sleeve. The handle retracts in two stages, up to 22 inches.

Too cool for school? Sure, as long as you don’t have to go up or down any steps. Also, kids, here’s a clue: If you find classmates jumping up to tell everyone to make sure their tray tables are stowed and their seats are brought to an upright position every time you roll into class, it’s because they’re jealous.

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