A Tumi messenger bag for laptops

Tumi T-Tech Pulse Eldridge Computer Messenger Bag Style 5506

Tumi says today’s featured bag has “the styling of a messenger with the organization of a computer brief.”

We’ve noted a hybrid bag from Tumi before. We’re not exactly sure the T-Tech Pulse Eldridge Computer Messenger Bag breaks any new ground — who hasn’t stuffed a notebook computer in a messenger bag, with or without a sleeve? But it does seem an attractive way to carry a laptop.

The Eldridge comes in a lightweight nylon and has a nice array of details, including a retractable key leash just under the front flap, a dedicated laptop-sized pocket, and a side pocket that seems appropriate for a cell phone or phone-and-organizer hybrid.

Detail of Tumi Pocket Allowing Bag to Mount on Extended Luggage Handles

Our favorite part of the bag, though, is a panel on the back that has sets of zippers at the top and bottom. Unzip a space in the center of each and you can thread the extended handle of a wheeled bag through the panel. If you get the balance right, that’s a pretty secure way to mount a computer bag onto a carry-on.

Is that a feature borrowed from messenger bags or from computer briefcases? Does it matter? We’ll take it.

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  1. Enb14 Says:

    I bought this bag on sale from a luggage store. On day one the shoulder strap came unhooked from the bag all by itself, but I hoped it was a one-off occurrence. It has happened again occasionally since, and tonight it happened with my brand-new MacBook Pro inside — which led me to the discovery that this bag has almost no padding in it either, because my brand-new Mac now has a nice big dent in the corner. I’m not happy, and I will never buy another Tumi bag.

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