An inkling of the coming post-man-purse era

What? Could the end of the great man-purse experiment be upon us already?

A brief item in last week’s Variety treats the current wave of man-purse confessions (see Puff Daddy’s, for example, below) as if it were merely the wake resulting from a fashion belly flop.

Thomas Pink Commuter Tie

A mere four sentences, the featurette describes two non-pursey options for stowing an already unobtrusive iPod Nano in your clothing. First up is the Commuter Tie from Thomas Pink, which features a secret pocket on the back. We presume the earbuds would arise as if magically from your collar.

Dior Black Tie iPod Nano Case

Next is a far more interesting product that makes a skinny tie out of the Nano itself: a black leather cord from Dior that hangs around your neck. But yes, it’s a pricey $145.

Nice options for carrying a little gadget, no? And both might have fit neatly into the series we ran last week on hidden man purses. But what made our (okay, man-bag-loving) hearts skip a beat were the first two sentences of the Variety column:

When it comes to carrying gadgets, options for guys were once limited to bulging pockets or the man purse (a.k.a. “murse”). No longer.

Murses now get lumped into the “tired old option” category? Man purses, we hardly knew ye.

We’re not too worried — yet. We see the column, by Variety style writer Monica Corcoran, mostly as a foreboding of fashion obituaries to come, wherein elder statesmen of style journalism prove their bona fides by confessing youthful indiscretions with men’s handbags, the better to establish their street cred. (”When I was young and unfashionable, I was young and unfashionable.”)

But the column should remind us all of the tenuousness of even the current climate of only grudging acceptance for male pursage. Folks, it may not get any safer than this. For those of you still waiting on the shores, testing the waters for the moment it becomes entirely okay to come out of your closet and wear your man bag proudly, we can only whisper gently and give you a swift kick in the cargo pants:


Gentlemen, time’s a-wasting. Don’t miss this boat.

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