Answers to your questions about Jack Bauer’s man purse

Speaking of 24, over at Yahoo! Answers a reader named Miss D writes in with a query:

If Jack Bauer is so badass, why does he carry a murse?

Twenty would-be wise guys try to explain. Including Dave, who lays it out:

That’s where he carries all his whoopass. Sometimes he has so much of it, it spills out. That’s where he carries the spillage.

Which serves us fine. But Miss D chooses her favorite response, from OpnThFludG8, which reads in part:

ever notice how much stuff jack uses throughout the show? he has his guns, ammo, pda, lord knows whatever else…he also seems to get himself in trouble physically so i’m sure he has some other med kit accessories in there.

it’s the jack-pack! it’s his bail-out bag.

We like bailout bags, but we also like an answer from John Ross, who clearly always keeps one foot on solid ground:

Easy. That’s where he carries the extra batteries for his ALWAYS FULLY CHARGED CELL PHONE!!

I mean, seriously, I can buy him never running out of ammo, and never missing, ever, but how the hell does his phone always stay charged and always have signal? I love the man, but the lame cell action has got to go.

2 Responses to “Answers to your questions about Jack Bauer’s man purse”

  1. Jack Bauer Says:

    duh his phone battery doesn’t die because the whole season takes place in 24 hours, my phone lasts that long. Maybe that guy has a problem with lasting a long time LOL!

  2. Michael Scott Says:

    That’s what she said!

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