Can’t match Ken’s man-purse style

Metrosexual Ken and his mysterious man purse We figured the Ken-doll wannabes in our audience might be eager to learn exactly what man-purse model Barbie’s once and future boytoy was sporting in last week’s makeover extravaganza. And we’d love to identify it for you — if we could find it.

Careful scrutiny of the photographic evidence reveals a slightly floppy, leatherish, tall bag with a textured (macram√©?) strap and a large design on the flap, which hangs the full length of the bag. Obviously such a tiny man purse was created especially for the doll, but what actual bag was Phillip Bloch modeling Ken’s after?

Hard to say. The bag fits so carefully between extremes it almost has to be the work of a stylist angling for just the right accessory: It’s casual but stylish; solid but unstructured; black but scribbled-on. It works slung across the chest or hanging from one shoulder. Maybe it hides a (tiny) laptop. But maybe it doesn’t.

Longchamp Veau Foulonne Across Bag 1179 We can find some of these qualities in the Longchamp Veau Foulonn√© Across Bag, a cousin to the hobo bag we described last week. (Again, you’ll have to navigate to both of them yourself on the Longchamp site, since the stylish web designers there have built a site that doesn’t allow direct links to specific pages.) Compared to Ken’s bag the Across bag is crisper, more rounded, and more elegant. The insignia on the front flap is small and embossed, not skeleton-like and scribbly. Who wants to copy a doll, anyway?

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