Chewbacca’s purse

Chewbacca Wields His Mighty BagWhat do Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars have in common? Well, yes, Harrison Ford, but also . . . anyone? anyone?

Both feature . . . yes, a man purse. In Star Wars, though, it’s worn by the wookiee. That thing is a purse, isn’t it? “I know it’s not suspenders, ’cause he’s got no pants,” says MisterPL at Rebelscum Forums, before polling fellow Star Wars collectors about its possible contents. We’d call it a purse, but the folks selling this awful costume do their best not to alienate potential customers by referring to it delicately as a “sash with pouch.”

“One thing is certain,” says Julie at Pursueing. “Chewbacca was one bright, metrosexual Wookie!”

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    [...] « Chewbacca’s purse Pack a purse, spare the fanny » [...]

  2. More fun with that diaper-battle metaphor - The Satchel Pages: Home of the Man Purse Says:

    [...] It’s not a man purse. It’s not a diaper bag. It’s (military drum roll, please) . . . the Baby Bandolier! Kinda like that “sash with pouch” Chewbacca wears, except here you’re battling chafing and rashes, not Death Stars. And the ammo you’re stashing boldly across your chest is maybe a bit more pedestrian, too: water bottles, changing pad, and an “insulated bag” for, um . . . booty. [...]

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