Gadget-worn pockets: The law-enforcement solution

Writing in the current issue of Make magazine, technology columnist Andy Ihnatko enumerates the hassles of storing gear in your pants:

Every night, you have to empty all of your pockets. Every morning, you have to fill ’em up again. And portable pockets (in the form of belt pouches) are a mere Band-Aid solution. Unless your electronics are machine-washable, you still need to unthread them from your belt and reinstall them over and over again, morning after morning. Decent men and women change their pants every day, so what else can you do?

Mr. Ihnatko’s proposed solution for decent pants wearers everywhere? A standard-issue police duty belt.

Gunbelts are a perfect answer to the blight of personal electronics. I’ve been wearing one for years, and its value has only increased with recent tightening of airport and building security.

Police Duty Belt and Leg Rig Illustration from Make magazine

At the airport, Mr. Ihnatko says he finds most security officials and passengers appreciate his ability to lay $1200 in personal electronic gadgets on the conveyor within a matter of seconds — though he is always careful to refer to his gunbelt as a “utility belt.”

Mr. Ihnatko does not specify what brand of gunbelt he carries, but he does mention the Modular Leg Rig with accompanying adjustable Small Radio Pouch (ideal, he says, for a PDA or large phone), Small Utility Pouch (for a camera), and Multi-Purpose Pouch (for a portable keyboard or voice recorder) from Tactical Tailor — all of which he claims to wear to trade shows and conferences.

We don’t know what kind of figure Mr. Ihnatko strikes, but we imagine he garners attention at the booths he visits, if only on first approach.

(Thanks to Dean Shimonishi for the tip.)

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