Getting your man purse into the game

Most men are going to want a gadget bag that looks more like a bag than a purse.

Longchamp Veau Foulonné Hobo Bag 1184 As we’ve pointed out, though, there are instances where you’d do better carrying something that looks like it’s part of your outfit. Something small and discreet, that looks like you really really need to have it with you at all times: a man purse.

Where would that be an advantage? Venues where “extra” bags are not allowed — airplanes, clubs, and stadium events, for example. Provided, of course, that they let you in in the first place.

So here’s today’s pick for a “pursey” man purse: The Longchamp Veau Foulonné Hobo Bag, in fox brown. Three things make it clear that it’s a purse:

  1. It’s small.
  2. It’s made of leather.
  3. It’s French.

It’s a distinct fashion statement. It says, “Let me into your event.”

You can find more details about it at the Longchamp website, though — annoyingly — it won’t let us link you directly to any of the internal pages. At least it lets us in.

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  2. Can’t match Ken’s man-purse style - The Satchel Pages: Home of the Man Purse Says:

    [...] We can find some of these qualities in the Longchamp Veau Foulonné Across Bag, a cousin to the hobo bag we described last week. (Again, you’ll have to navigate to both of them yourself on the Longchamp site, since the stylish web designers there have built a site that doesn’t allow direct links to specific pages.) Compared to Ken’s bag the Across bag is crisper, more rounded, and more elegant. The insignia on the front flap is small and embossed, not skeleton-like and scribbly. Who wants to copy a doll, anyway? [...]

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