Hide a man purse under your arm or over your ankle

Today, more man purses that can keep their mugs shut — this time culled from the rough-and-tumble world of tactical-response gear.

Arktis Covert Radio Holster

First up: the Covert Radio Holster from Arktis North America. Yes, it’s built for a two-way radio, but it doesn’t take a modder to realize that one of these could make a great holder for an iPod or for other personal items you’d like to keep close to your chest.

Provided, of course, that you don’t sweat too much. Sweating too much is always a giveaway.

BlackHawk Concealed Ankle Pouch

If perspiration is your problem, we can’t really help you here. But we might go out on a limb and steer you toward a man purse you can hide on your ankle: the BlackHawk Concealed Ankle Pouch. A strap with a Velcro-style fastener wraps around your leg, and there’s a similar flap that folds down to conceal your valuable items.

We imagine an ankle pouch could prove awkward in some situations — if, say, you lean away from someone to pull out your wallet. But hey, at least you’re not out there swinging around a silly man purse, right?

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