How a man purse can free the artist within

Vise Sketch from Tommy Kane's Small Moleskine

Reason Number 23 To Carry a Man Purse: to unleash the bounds of your creativity. Longtime advertising director and habitual sketch artist Tommy Kane complains in his new blog about the artistic confines of a pocket-sized sketchbook.

Mr. Kane says he draws in many different types of books (some of which you can peruse on his website). The hardest journals to sketch in, he says, are the small Moleskines. But he uses them because he can fit one in his pocket and carry it with him anywhere:

It’s not so easy drawing in that little space. It might be fine for some people but i need room to get my groove going. I feel like i’m trying to thread a needle when i draw in those little suckers. Don’t get me wrong, i do some real nice drawings in them but it is a wrestling match. Each time i finish one i say to myself, i will never buy one of those little things again. [Emphasis added.]

So why doesn’t he get a bigger sketchbook, and allow his intrepid pen to roam more freely? Sadly, for a simple reason:

My other books i need to carry in a man purse.

Which, it appears, Mr. Kane is loath to do. How very sad.

To all you burgeoning young male artists and creative types reading these pages: take note — and take heart. You can avoid Mr. Kane’s unhappy predicament. Carry a man purse and you can take with you the large-format notebook of your dreams. Your expressive hand can run wildly across a broad paper landscape, emoting and inventing freely, unfettered by the tight margins to which a manpurseless society cruely restrains you. Call it an art bag. Call it a field bag. Or call it a bookbag. But wear it proudly, and don’t let your creative growth be stunted for the lack of one.

There is hope for future generations. Meanwhile, Mr. Kane, enslaved by his bagless condition, seems unable to break free of his notebook’s artistic confines:

Here i am about to finish one up and what did i go and do. Bought another one. What a dope.

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