How not to have your wallet stolen

Man Purse Accessory Week was rudely interrupted last Friday, but we conclude it today with a brilliant accessory idea for satchel-savvy men who like to bring their big bags into the big city.

New man-purse toters often experience a newfound sense of comfort . . . mostly because they no longer have to sit with a bulgy wallet in their pants. There’s no reason to keep a wallet in your pocket if you’re packing a man bag. But if you can’t feel it jabbing into you every time you walk or sit down, how do you make sure your wallet stays with you?

Thomson has his wallet stolen, from Herge's The Secret of the Unicorn (Tintin)

Inspired, no doubt, by the pickpocket-thwarting innovations of the original Thompson Twins, Civilian Lab introduces the perfect solution to this problem: the Rewind_ Andorra Lossless Wallet. It’s a wallet mounted on a slash-resistant retractable steel cable, which you can attach to a clip in your messenger bag. Pull the wallet out from the bag and it unspools from an embedded spring-reel. The clip keeps it secure from pickpockets . . . make that pickpurses. (But not, we suppose, man-purse snatchers, unless you’ve found something else to attach the cable to.)

Civilian Lab Rewind_ Andorra Lossless Wallet

The wallet comes in six colors, and is made of a leather that’s both perforated and water-shedding — which makes it look sharp, but strikes us as a strange combination of features. For those of you who haven’t yet taken the plunge into the beckoning pool of man-purse portage, Civilian Lab sells an accessory leather clip that slides onto your belt, and which allows you to keep the wallet in your pocket (though we think that would be a pain in the butt).

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