How to put a pocket on your backpack

Built NY Electric Pocket

While we’re talking about products from Built NY, we thought we’d bring your attention to an odd little product of theirs called the Electric Pocket.

What’s odd about it? Well, for starters it’s shaped like a hot-water bottle, but it’s meant for items you distinctly won’t want to get wetor hot. Plus it has room inside for exactly one item, and it doesn’t seem to want to close fully. It comes in three colors, one of which is random stripes. We encourage you to skip the stripes and go for the solid blue or black instead.

The Electric Pocket comes in three sizes, though Built NY seems to have taken special care on its website not to identify the actual dimensions of any of them. They must be corporate secrets, we imagine; the pockets have patents pending. Size “No. 05” is meant for small cell phones, MP3 players, and UMDs. (That’s right; UMDs.) Size “No. 08,” on the other hand, is for iPods, small digital cameras, and (non-small) cell phones. Grande “No. 11” fits your PDA, (non-small-digital) camera, or Blackberry. Each size though, they assure us, is appropriate for “etcetera.”

So sure, the Electric Pocket comes in peculiar shapes, sizes, and colors. What do you do with it? Simply stuff the pocket through its handle, around your backpack or shoulder-bag strap, beltloop — or bicycle rack — and you’ve got a handy freelance pocket to cushion the gadget of your choice. Like the bottle tote, it’s made of neoprene — wetsuit material. But the Electric Pocket has a fleece lining, which the bottle tote doesn’t. (That fleece would probably be lost on your beer, anyway.)

Built NY Electric Pocket Video by Photojojo

The folks over at Photojojo got so excited about the Electric Pocket that they made their own video to demonstrate its superiority over your average camera case. It’s worth viewing just to see how the pocket, freed from pants, works. But don’t let the girlish model and flashy stripes in the demo fool you: this is a soft pocket without portfolio for men.

What makes us so sure? Well, isn’t this what Hugh Jackman has strapped to his man bag?

[Thanks again to Pop Wuping for the tip!]

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