Man-purse comix

To continue making the case that the connection between drawing talent and carrying some sort of man bag is not so incidental, we feature today the graphic work of Shawn Granton, a self-described “‘freelance artist’ (aka penniless bohemian that occasionally draws)” who lives and bikes in Portland, Oregon. Mr. Granton has created a four-page comic entirely about his messenger bag of choice — why he carries it, where he takes it, and what he puts in it — entitled “‘Is That Your Man Purse?’ An Exploration of the Portable Lifestyle.”

Shawn Granton's Man-Purse Comic Excerpt

The comic, which appeared originally in Delaine Derry’s “Not My Small Diary” (issue 12, volume 1, for you collectors out there) and which Mr. Granton intends to republish in a future issue of his own “Ten Foot Rule” series, reveals graphic details of the artist’s bicycle-bag contents. Among them: a sandwich, a glue stick, and a healthy-sized sketchbook disguised as a Popular Mechanics “Home Handyman” reference from the 1960s.

Mr. Granton proves a strong advocate for the man purse. “. . . There will always be those out there who remain ignorant of a man’s need for a bag in the 21st century,” he . . . uh, draws. He continues:

But whatever. I’d rather put practicality and utility ahead of what is considered “masculine.” I have no time in my life to concern myself with societal notions spawned in the dark ages.

Mr. Granton did, apparently, have time in his life to draw and diagram intimate details of his own man-bag interaction. Some concerns obviously deserve more time than others.

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