Neil Strauss’s man purse of seduction

We’ve all heard the excuses men give when they try to explain why they’ve broken down and started carrying a purse:

  • “I can’t carry all these gadgets in my pockets.”
  • “Wallets give me back problems.”
  • Jack Bauer wears one.”

and of course

But have you heard this one?

  • “I use it to pick up women.

What’s this? A man purse can be a tool of seduction? What kind of women can you seduce with a man purse anyway?

Those of you who have read last year’s New York Times Bestseller The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, by Rolling Stone writer Neil Strauss, will know what we’re talking about.

Yes, in the midst of shocking advice on approaching, attracting, and bedding hot babes, and in the middle of the story of his own rise from frustrated nerd to suave pickup artist, Strauss devotes an entire chapter of his seminal work to the man bag he uses in his nightly conquests.

Strauss’s bag

was black, Armani, and the size of a hardcover novel, with a single shoulder strap so that it could be slung artfully across my torso. With so many magic tricks, gimmicks, and other tools of the trade necessary to use in the field, it was impossible to fit everything into just four pants pockets. [Emphasis added]

Yeah, we’ve heard that excuse before. But he goes on:

So nearly every PUA [pick-up artist] in the game had a prop bag.

Okay, so he calls it a prop bag. That’s a new one.

But really — this “prop bag” is an essential tool for pick-up artists? What kind of sack helps you bag babes? What goes in the magic man purse?

All right, we’ll spill Strauss’s secrets. Inside his Armani shoulder bag you’ll find:

  • 1 pack of gum, Wrigley’s Big Red
  • 1 pack of condoms, Trojan, lubricated
  • 1 pencil, 1 pen
  • 1 piece of dryer lint
  • 1 envelope of preselected photos
  • 1 digital camera
  • 1 box of Tic-Tacs
  • lip balm, coverup, eyeliner, blotting paper
  • cheat sheet, three pages
  • 1 set of wooden runes in cloth bag
  • 1 notebook
  • 1 Kryptolight necklace
  • 2 sets of fake ear and lip piercings
  • 1 small digital recorder
  • 2 spare cheap necklaces, 2 spare thumb rings
  • 1 small blacklight
  • 4 sample bottles of different colognes
  • various magic tricks

Feels a little like going through someone’s underwear drawer, then wishing you hadn’t, huh? But what did you expect? A chick magnet? No one said it would be pretty. Just — at least Strauss tells us — effective.

In the year since The Game was published (and quickly became required reading in frat houses everywhere) hundreds of websites have appeared to discuss in great depth the pickup techniques Strauss — who calls himself “Style” — describes (try a Google search for negging, or AMOG, for example). Strangely, though, we’ve seen very little followup on Strauss’s satchel of seduction. We know it’s small, black, and made by Armani. What does it look like?

Emporio Armani Black Shoulder Bag

Maybe something like this? Sadly, the booty bag Strauss favored during his hay heyday (about 2004) seems to have slipped off the Armani radar. But this year’s Emporio Armani collection of men’s accessories features a recent updated model: this shoulder bag in black washed nappa leather with a front pocket and a zippered compartment. Is this your bag, baby?

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