Out Your Backdoor: man-bag-in-purse action, plus a Swedish three-way

A reader writes . . .

Like many, I got tired of having so much banging around in various pockets. Tired of stuff falling out when I leaned over. Tired of not having what I needed, of not having things to help me fritter away some time when I got stuck somewhere.

Now, I always have a paperback, a cam, a pad, a pipe (and aromatic tobacco that makes my man purse smell great), a flask, hanky, shades, SAK, duct-tape, zipties…oh, man, life is sweet!

I find I need satchels of at least two sizes. OK, I commonly use FIVE—the biggest is a hockey bag and I can live out of that (did for a winter once as a ski bum).

My latest common set-up is to toss my man purse INTO a bigger satchel for a day’s worth of action—the manpurse doesn’t hold books or enough food and water but it does have everything else already in it.

I fell hard over the edge when I went I went to a Renaissance Fest a couple years ago. All those pouches and holsters and the smell of leather from all those booths selling leather stuff, just drove me nuts. I had to get me a pouch and some leather stuff. The muzzleloader re-enactors have it almost as good with their “possibles bags.”

Renaissance festivals . . . pipes . . . leather sniffing . . . man bags inside man bags . . . re-enactors. Where does this guy come from?

The Out Your Backdoor Three-Way Shoulder and Bike Bag

Williamston, Michigan, it turns out. His name is Jeff Potter, and he’s the proprietor of an extensive outdoor- and independent-culture website named (shockingly) Out Your Backdoor.

Potter sells his own line of outdoorsy recycled and rebranded man purses on the site, including what he calls the “World’s Only 3-Way Bag,” a Swedish military shoulder bag repurposed so it can also fit on a bicycle.

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  1. A messenger bag in a backpack - The Satchel Pages: Home of the Man Purse Says:

    [...] We’ve heard from man-purse enthusiasts employing the bag-in-a-bag strategy. But here’s a bag that appears to do all the fancy inserting for you: The Chrome Messenger Backpack. [...]

  2. Jeff Potter Says:

    Hi there! Thanks for the write-up. My customers and I have discovered that these bags are actually FIVE WAY bags.

    Also, I’m now calling it the “OYB Normal Bag.” Get it? : )

    The five ways are: shoulderbag, saddlebag, handlebar bag, pannier and backpack!

    These bags work great, dandy and handy for all 5 uses. If you wonder HOW this can all come to pass, check out my website.


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