The $15,000 man purse

More details emerge on the fist-filling man bag that movie star Terrence Howard was waving all over the place at the Academy Awards earlier this spring.

Mr. Howard’s black alligator clutch, it turns out, was created by handbag designer Ralph Barbero of Barbero Sicily, and just became available to Oscar-nominee wannabes at a San Francisco boutique called April in Paris, according to the Oakland Tribune.

The Barbero Borsa

The Barbero Borsa clutch is somewhat small, but it does come with one rather large feature: the price tag.

What do you get when you pay $15,000 for a man purse? Barbero says more details will become available later today on his website, where the clutch will be featured and offered for sale. For now, though, we’ll just say it has a nice handle — in the form of a thumb ring capped by a two-and-a-half-carat diamond. There’s also a platinum star attached to the leather, which we’re sure you’ll appreciate if you don’t consider a precious-stone-encrusted purse grip blingy enough.

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