The best place to buy a man purse in New York City

newyorklogo.jpg. . . is the Longchamp Paris store on Madison Avenue, says New York magazine:

Like nylon socks with loafers, the man purse has long been an object of ridicule and derision, sported mostly by Eurotrashy guys who still blow-dry their hair. But in the past couple of years, it’s become much more widely accepted . . .

We’d call this classic man-purse apologist body copy. Which is fine, as it confirms our sense that Longchamp is a place to buy a purse, not a bag. If you’re not really in touch with your inner purse desires — if you’re going to insist on calling it a gadget bag, or a go bag, for fear of opprobrium or other multi-syllabic namecalling — we think it best you shop somewhere else.

The magazine gives only a half-hearted attempt to broaden the audience for man purses, but then again, this is New York, so they don’t really have to:

If it’s too embarrassing to think purse, try to pass it off as a small briefcase. But why not just embrace the trend?

It’ll be, you know, European.

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