The dangers of butt rotation

The dreaded bulgeStep one on the path to a man purse: come to terms with your wallet. It’s bulgy and bulky. If it’s in your back pocket, you’ll want to watch out for lower back problems, pickpockets, and sciatica. If it’s in your front pocket, watch out for . . . well, let’s just say they’ve studied similar problems with narrow bicycle seats, and the results don’t look so promising.

But if you’re not ready for a man purse yet, this story from last spring by Michelle Slatalla neatly lays out some alternatives: thinner wallets, such as the All-Ett and the Slimmy. Seems to us the All-Ett (they just took off the letter W from wallet, which looks like a bunch of unnecessary folds, see?) requires a fairly deep pocket, but we haven’t had the pleasure of trying one yet.

A slimmer wallet may not be your bag, but you certainly won’t want to miss the All-Ett site’s animated demonstration of female approval for rear-bulge reduction.

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  1. Joe Ganley Says:

    After much experimentation: I’ve gone radically minimal with the whole wallet thing. I carry my driver’s license, one credit card, and my cash, all secured with a nice Tiffany money clip that my wife gave me. The rest of my former wallet contents go in my (ahem) man-bag.

  2. Joe Ganley Says:

    Another alternative: The Jimi ( I haven’t used or even seen it, but it looks promising.

  3. The second-littlest man purse - The Satchel Pages: Home of the Man Purse Says:

    [...] Man-bag tour guide Joe Ganley alerts us to Mr. Smith’s Jimi, which might be right for you if you buy into the whole pocket-purse thing but altering mint boxes isn’t your bag. The Jimi is longer and wider than an Altoids tin, but thinner — big enough, say its creators, to store up to five credit cards and three double-folded bills. Like an Altoids purse, it’s made from recycled materials, but it comes in six plastic-candy colors. And yes, they sell a lanyard for it, so you can carry your Jimi like a purse. [...]

  4. How not to have your wallet stolen - The Satchel Pages: Home of the Man Purse Says:

    [...] New man-purse toters often experience a newfound sense of comfort . . . mostly because they no longer have to sit with a bulgy wallet in their pants. There’s no reason to keep a wallet in your pocket if you’re packing a man bag. But if you can’t feel it jabbing into you every time you walk or sit down, how do you make sure your wallet stays with you? [...]

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