The diagonal toolbelt

Deep in the comments section of Lore Sjöberg’s Wired News column on backpacks, satchels, fanny packs, and other man-purse standins, a reader alerts us that the bandolier of the author’s dreams may already exist.

Mr. Sjöberg, you may recall, touted the manly qualities of bandoliers in his article, and imagined a celebrity-ridden campaign encouraging their widespread adoption:

Bandoliers are comfortable, have very masculine overtones, and Chewbacca wore one. I could totally see dropping my miniature bleeping possessions into the pouches of a bandolier, cheerfully strapping it on, heading out into the world, and getting shot down by a paranoid security guard. That’s why it can’t be just me by myself; this needs to be a culturewide fashion move.

The CueroMoto Biker Bandolier

The reader, who calls himself cryogenesys, points to the mostly leather Biker Bandolier from CueroMoto. The Biker Bandolier hangs over your left shoulder and your right hip and contains eight pockets for biker gear such as MP3 players, cigarettes, and roadmaps — as well as a secret compartment. “No buckles or adjustments,” claims the product’s website: “Just toss it over your head and go.”

We do find one aspect of the design particularly praiseworthy: Unlike other bandoliers (including Chewbacca’s famous “sash with pouch“), this model maintains a single width throughout its length, avoiding fussy distinctions between the Biker Bandolier’s strapping and containing functions. It’s a simple and rugged appearance, like a toolbelt broken free of its loops.

Could a man-purse trend promoted by bikers spawn a “culturewide fashion move” better than a campaign led by Jude Law or Will Smith? We’d be interested in Mr. Sjöberg’s opinion.

2 Responses to “The diagonal toolbelt”

  1. Lore Says:

    Man, I’m not going to tell bikers what to wear. Bikers could go in for an aquamarine tulle skirt with matching pumps and I’m not going to say a damn thing.

  2. Satchel Carrier Says:

    Fashion leaders, it looks like you have your mandate: Bring on the Bikers! Michael Remis is waiting.

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