The man purse that wasn’t there

Looking for a way to carry your stuff without becoming known as the man who carries the man purse? All this week at the Satchel Pages we’ve been featuring hidden man purses. And so far, we’ve seen how you can hide a man purse by stuffing one under your jacket, under your arm, on your leg, or down your pants.

Hideo Wakamatsu Skeleton Attache Case

But if none of those options appeals to you, you may be interested in the completely different strategy represented by this fine product from Hideo Wakamatsu.

It’s called the Skeleton Attache Case, and it’s see-through.

See-through, we realize, is not quite the same thing as invisible. As most streetcorner magicians know, the secret to invisibility is focus. If a rabbit jumps out of a hat in the middle of a forest — and nobody sees it — why, then . . . the rabbit must have been invisible!

The key to making this attache invisible — clearly — is the way you pack it. Will people see the case, or will they focus on what’s inside? In other words, if you don’t want snarky comments like “Nice man purse!”, carry one of these and you might get comments like “How old is that sandwich in there?” instead.

The Skeleton features an anodized aluminum frame connecting clear panels made of either acrylic or super-durable PETG (that’s glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate). At $149, the bulkier acrylic version is less than half the price of the deluxe version (the PETG is $349), but it features a system of rubber tubes on the interior that will suspend a laptop magically in the middle of the case. Presto!

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