The man purse that’s part of you

The Levenger Saddlebag Sling Shoulder Bag An alternate strategy for being able to bring things you want with you into a sporting event, dance club, airplane, museum — really, any place that won’t let you waltz in toting an extra bag of booty — is a purse so form-fitting that it appears to be a part of your outfit.

Yes, it’s a strange notion, which we must admit smells somewhat like what must have been (frighteningly) an original rationale for fanny packs. But slings (at least in our sheltered neck of the woods) have yet to jump the shark, so it is with only a small amount of trepidation that we introduce Levenger’s Saddlebag Sling Shoulder Bag.

It’s a man purse that wants to be a part of your body. Part saddle, part bag, part sling, and — maybe — part of your shoulder.

“This saddlebag is my answer to photo vests and cargo pants,” gushes Levenger president Steve Leveen:

and now I wouldn’t want to face a weekend without it. Throw it on the back of your seat when driving or at a restaurant. Sling it over your shoulder when you’re walking. It works for horses and it works for men.

Horses! And it’s made of “rugged American leather.” That cowboy-man purse imagery angle is one we hadn’t yet considered.

You’ll like the bag, we think. It’s so . . . you!

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