The second-littlest man purse

Dispensing Cards from the Jimi Man-bag tour guide Joe Ganley alerts us to Mr. Smith’s Jimi, which might be right for you if you buy into the whole pocket-purse thing but altering mint boxes isn’t your bag. The Jimi is longer and wider than an Altoids tin, but thinner — big enough, say its creators, to store up to five credit cards and three double-folded bills. Like an Altoids purse, it’s made from recycled materials, but it comes in six plastic-candy colors. And yes, they sell a lanyard for it, so you can carry your Jimi like a purse.

The company invests one percent of all sales in “the environment,” and claims to be big on social responsibility, too. Be sure not to miss the Jimi T-shirts, which feature a toy plastic dog humping a garden gnome.

An extra insert available for the Jimi holds two SD cards and two SIMM cards. We don’t see a special accessory for jimmy hats, but we’re confident you’ll be able to slip one in.

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