The shameful secret behind that lonely laptop

Perhaps the most insidious of entrees into the world of man purses is through the laptop bag. The great bonus of having a laptop case is that you can carry around so much extra stuff with you whenever you have to bring your computer: cables and computer accessories, sure, but also your cell phone, iPod, magazines, snacks, hand sanitizer, assorted drugs, Altoids . . . anything. Best of all, you can tote around all this gear in your laptop bag without it ever really turning into a purse.

Until, that is, the day you realize that the bag really would be a whole lot lighter if you didn’t actually carry the laptop with it. And you stop to think: Could I get away with this? Would anyone notice? Certainly if the bag were heavy enough, no one would ever question it. Or maybe folks would just assume you had one of those ultra-ultra-featherweight laptops.

So you try it.

And . . . you do get away with it! You feel a bit guilty, and maybe your little Fujitsu feels lonely and slighted for being left home alone. But you’ve had a taste of something forbidden — and worst of all, convenient. There’s a sense of sheepishness, as though you’ve crossed some invisible threshold to dangerous lifestyle choices. You loved that feeling of carrying it all, didn’t you? Could you go back to life as it was, and forget it all?

Well, maybe.

But . . . do ya have to?

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