Viral man-purse marketing: that hot new Murse video

The reviews are in for the first man-purse commercial ever!

Well, we think it’s the first. And it’s not exactly a commercial . . .

And no, we didn’t see any one else’s review.

But so what? We think it’s brilliant, so we’re featuring it below. It’s called “The Murse,” it lasts an entertaining two minutes, and no, it’s not a secret ad for a Smirnoff adult beverage. It’s the work of a new L.A.-based sketch-comedy troupe called My Sneaky Cousin.


Are lumpy, overstuffed pockets getting you down? Ever wish there was something you could carry your stuff in? . . .

The murse is the carry-all for real men.

2 Responses to “Viral man-purse marketing: that hot new Murse video”

  1. Lucas Says:

    Satchelpages -
    I’m pleased to see that you’re using “The Murse” video I made on your man-bags page. I directed it for my sister who wrote and produced it for the “My Sneaky Cousin” sketch comedy show. I’m just glad to see that it’s making the rounds. - Lucas

  2. manshion. Says:

    Murse vs. Man-Bag… the showdown.

    (with pictures and explanations)
    man fashion. simple.

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