We’ve got Ken’s man purse right here . . . maybe

Solis Transit Messenger Bag Another partial match for Ken’s man purse: The Transit Messenger bag by Solis.

If you imagine for a moment that the doll’s sorta-floppy satchel might not be leather or even a cheap leather lookalike, there’s not too many reasons it couldn’t be this. Well, yeah, except for that unknown scribbly design thingy on the long flap of Ken’s purse. Instead, the Transit Messenger has a couple of different materials on the front. We think there’s a solid black center piece flanked by two panels covered with Benday-like dots, but it’s awfully hard to make them out on the product photos. And the flap itself may not hang down all the way, but again it’s hard to tell.

What we do get a good sense of with the Solis Transit Messenger is that quality of sorta-floppiness that Ken’s man purse has. A bag that probably stands up on its own, but wouldn’t, say, actually get up all by itself and walk around.

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