Where to buy Jack Bauer’s 24-hour messenger bag

Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in 24

Looking for the canvas messenger bag carried by Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland’s character on TV’s longest-running week-long show, 24?

According to our visitor logs, so are a lot of other people. We don’t get it. What, exactly, is the virtue of carrying a man purse identical to that of a fictional, independent, go-it-alone secret agent? So you can look like an original?

But we’re sympathetic. Even if they’re not counter-terrorist agents, bag-wielding men can use some cover. That’s not a man purse, you can say. That’s my Jack Pack. Or Jack Sack. And so the conversation switches from effeminacy to television; from lipstick to explosives. Phew.

And we’re happy to help you out.

Jack Bauer-Style Canvas Man Purse from Rothco

Though we doubt we’ll ever have official confirmation, Rothco’s Classic Messenger Bag appears to be Bauer’s bag. You can’t buy directly from Rothco, but you will find bags that meet the exact same description (and use the same photograph) for sale at Amazon (through Andrew Christian), Flying Tigers, and New York First. They all seem to be the same bag.

Bauer or no, at about twenty bucks it’s a pretty good bargain.

25 Responses to “Where to buy Jack Bauer’s 24-hour messenger bag”

  1. derek Says:

    Or you could get the “real” thing, Fox sold some on the 24 site with a bronze CTU logo on it. They’ve sold out but the item can be found here.

  2. Songbird Says:

    This is the one touted in TVGuide.
    My ninth-grader is carrying it now and wants to know when he’s getting his PDA and his gun. (But he’s kidding.)

  3. Josh Says:

    I ordered one from Flying tigers. It will be interesting to see how it holds up.

  4. Josh Says:

    Just to leat everyone know, ALL STORES are OUT of this product. I just ordered one off of ebay. It is your only best bet if you want it before AUGUST.

    Flying Tigers sent me an e-mail and I had to cancel my order.

  5. Stephen Says:

    All I can say is that whoever put this up rocks. I’ve got a my space group entitled the Official Jack Bauer Manbag Fanclub. All y’all are welcome to join.

  6. The further adventures of Jack Bauer, backpack designer - The Satchel Pages: Home of the Man Purse Says:

    [...] Let’s review. Here, as we’ve mentioned before, is the shoulder bag Jack Bauer carries in 24. You will note it is a simple canvas bag with unremarkable markings. It is very similar to a bag described and sold by many vendors as a “Danish School Bag.” [...]

  7. Robbie Says:

    Here’s another site that also has the Jack Bower duffle bag:

    Wholesale Army Navy

    It says out of stock until September 1, though. But then there’s this other store. Doesn’t say anything about stock, but I haven’t tested:

    Camping Survival

  8. Matt Says:

    Yeah.. I really want one for school, but I don’t know where to find it.. all of them on ebay “convieniently” cover the bronze area with the strap. The bronze just completes it… anyone know where I can get that?

  9. Aaron Says:



    They have Jack’s bag along with some other of Jack’s gear. They shipped the bag out pretty quickly, and although the packaging wasn’t terrific, it arrived quickly and in good shape. So far it has has held up pretty well, I’m looking to get it embroidered with the CTU logo.

  10. Sam B Says:

    galaxy army navy has it for $18.99 http://www.galaxyarmynavy.com/item-jack-bauer-24-bag-9148.asp
    Its Rothco Classic Heavy Weight Messenger Bag

  11. Spanky Johansen Says:

    it’s NOT a purse. it’s european.

  12. Grace Says:

    I bought the bag a while back at Urban Outfitters for $30. Awesome bag.

  13. jeff o'connor Says:

    saw it at amazon from this store Jack Bauer Bag

  14. Scottish Bauer Says:

    Hi, does anyone know of a website where i can order this from so that it will get delievered to Scotland? none of these will deliever abroad :(

  15. david Says:

    does anyone know where to get the jack bauer season 5 JACKET..not hoodie, JACKET

  16. casual ultimate » it’s curtains for jack bauer… and america Says:

    [...] anyway thats all. i still love 24. and jack bauer of course. especially now that hes started a man purse trend. Posted by miss casual at 9:03 am (Chicago) | Cat:  [...]

  17. Jack Bauer Style Says:

    I found the same bag for cheaper at http://www.armynavyusa.com


    Its $15.99, and free shipping over $100

    They have such cool stuff there, I feel like Jack Bauer goes shopping there!

  18. david Says:

    you can find the s5 jacket here:


    although it is in darnk navy blue, it looks black in person, wouldn’t find it in brown :-(

  19. elas Says:

    There are a lot of then in ebay

  20. Sheamus Says:

    The ones sold on the fox.com website are pure shite. I actually bought one for myself before I realized it was the one Jack used on the show. It was a bonus for me. I love that show to death.

  21. Ashton Says:

    Hey anyone got a large photo of jack with a gun and the bag? Preferrably all of the bag. If so email to lawnmowerman02@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  22. CTU Fanatic Says:

    “The ones sold on the fox.com website are pure shite.” Can anyone tell me if this means good or bad. I have been thinking of buying this one, but don’t want to get something of lesser quality.

  23. CTYou? Says:

    I’ve got that lovely bag……In olive green. But ebay also have a lovely one thats in black. I think I’m going to buy it.

    and amazon has the same thing but a paratrooper WWII style one. very fitting. More spending. haha

  24. Paul Says:

    Hey, check out the international spy museum online store for the bag.

  25. swren saman fawze Says:

    i love u sooooooooooooooooooo much Mr. jack
    its my hobe to evry time look your move and show u u surprised me

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